Here everything is filmy.


तुह्या धर्म कोनचा ? (What’s your religion ?): Another side of Marathi cinema.

मराठी चित्रपट नुसता उभारीच घेत नाहीये तर वेगवेगळे प्रगल्भ विषय हि मांडतोय जे कि कुठल्याही हिंदी किंवा प्रादेशिक भाषांमध्येही अपवादानेच मांडले जात असतील .
श्वास पासून सुरु झालेली हि मालिका आज मराठी चित्रपटांची उंची वाढवतच चालली आहे उमेश –गिरीश ,गजेंद्र अहिरे,सतीश  मानवार ,मंदार देवस्थळी  यांसारखे दिग्दर्शक , संदीप कुलकर्णी ,उपेंद्र लिमये ,सचिन खेडेकर ,सुबोध भावे ,अमृता सुभाष,शरद पोंक्षे ,किशोर कदम  यांसारखे मुरलेले अनेक कलावंत आणि सगळेच उत्कृष्ट गीतकार संगीतकार यामुळेच या चित्रपट सृष्टीला नवे चैतन्य आले आहे .
गाभ्रीचा पाउस ,देऊळ ,जोगवा ,या सारख्या सामाजिक विषयांवर भाष्य करणाऱ्या अजून एका चित्रपटाची निर्मिती होतीय. विषय आधी कधीच हाताळला गेला नाहीये .चित्रपट आहे “तुह्या धर्म कोनचा ?” उपेंद्र लिमये ,किशोर कदम ,विभावरी देशपांडे यांच्या प्रमुख भूमिका असलेला हा चित्रपट सरळ धर्म आणि त्याच्या संकल्पना यांच्यावर प्रहार  करणारा असा वाटतोय .विविध धर्माचे विविध देव आणि त्यांच्या रंगविलेल्या अजब दंतकथा ,खरा देव कोणता यातील संघर्ष आणि आदिवासी समाजाकडून त्यांकडे बघण्याची दृष्टी .
हे सगळेच या चित्रपटामध्ये उत्तम मांडले असणार हे याच्या ट्रेलर मधूनच दिसते आहे .
.गाभ्रीचा पाउस चा दिग्दर्शक सतीश मानावर याचेच दिग्दर्शन या चित्रपटासाठी आहे .
 हा चित्रपट सर्व चित्रपट सृष्टीसाठी मैलाचा दगड ठरेल यात कुठली शंकाच नाही .
आमच्या फुल  टु फिल्मी टीम कडून या चित्रपटाला खूप शुभेच्छा .
                                                                                                                          –   ओंकार कुलकर्णी
(P.S. : Onkar once again proves that he is the guy with real cause. His cause,s to promote our very own cultural roots which are getting lost somewhere between american sitcoms and 100 crore bollywood club. To read more of his blogs visit onkark.)

Ferrari Ki Sawaari : Jiski shooting maine dekhi thi.


It was May 2011, I was in Mumbai for getting my intern ship completion certificate which I had completed long back from my institutes regional office. But it was stupid of me to travel all across to Town where the office was situated without knowing their working days, as it was a local declared holiday. So I had no rush to return back so I decided to take a stroll all the way to Marine drive from Cuffe Parade where I was standing outside the closed office. With  “Energy Drink” (Milk based flavoured drink, yes that’s how adventurous I am ) to sip I was finding my across to Marine Drive, which I eventually did. But to make the record straight it was nothing like what I imagined, maybe it was a wrong time to visit the place, because the sun was at its full glory, the so called energy drink didn’t matched up to what I thought it would, the drive was stranded with few enthusiast like me, the famous granite edges to sit upon which gives   magnificent view of the sea were hot like stove. So all in all it was a day filled with disappointment.

All of a sudden I saw bunch of kids in white cricket uniforms running across the length and breadth of the Marine Drive. Then I thought that maybe these are the same kids who I saw from my Local train, playing on the ground next to Wankhede. On my walk on the drive on closer look I saw Lunch was being arranged on the drive itself for these kids and the very sight looked beautiful because nothing is more beautiful than lunch with the view of sea. Then there were these people in cargo shorts with walkies attached to there ears and rushing off from here to there, further on two vanity vans with printed name on doors were parked nearby with bodyguards in Safari stationed outside. And now it was clear that this was a film shoot in progress.

But nothing happened more than this, the filmy keeda inside me was now curious so as soon as an kid in cricket dress came near by what followed ,was a typical set of questions and answers asked around in such setting,

“Shooting shuru hai?”, and he said,

“Haan”,”kaunsi film hai?”,

“Ferrari ki sawari” ,

“Sharman Joshi wali na?”,

“Haan” ,

“tum bhi actor ho kya iss movie main” ,


” actor ho ya cricketer ho”,

“cricket bhi khelta hoon, par actor bhi hoon”

“Role kaise mila”

“workshop hua tha uss main se select hua”

“aur jo main lead kar raha hai woh kaisa select hua”

“woh pehle se acting karta hai, 2-4 ads kiye hai usne pehle, direct select hua”

“aaj ka shoot ho gaya?”

“nahi abhi toh aaye hai, pata nahi aaj kaya karna hai.”

“kal bhi shoot hai?”

“1 hafta kuch nahi hai, uske baad next week a prayer song ka shoot hai sabbaachon ke saath.”

“Sahi hai yaar”

“rehte kaha ho?”

“andheri main.”

“aage actor banna hai ?”


“All the Best uske liye. Aacha laga baat karke, Bye”

“Bye Bhaiya”

(the kid was 10 years old.)


(P.S. : Last night I saw the movie, it was a simple story with so much warmth in it. And as one of my idols says, sometimes you just feel the warmth when it resides a movie. The most important part of this movie was its casting, never did actors in small parts came across so nicely let it be shamshu bahi or MAMA everyone were apt.  Kayo the kid is SWEET, after a long time Boman Irani was bearable and full power to Sharman and his smile. To sum it up what Sharman does may look stupid but when it comes to making a choice for loved ones we all are stupid.)



Vivek Oberoi: I Believe in you but please enough of KLPD!!!

It was exactly 10 years ago when RGV was still considered as a director who made sense and could deliever without his absurd camera angles. “COMPANY” was his follow up to mumbai underworld story following “SATYA”, it was the story of how mumbai underworld got organised and worked like a company, and this saw the launch of a new actor “Vivek Oberoi” as Chandu, a small time crook turned gangster.

The movie was pretty solid by itself but it was Vivek who took everyone by surprise, first of all though being from a film family he was someone who came without any expectations, nobody had thought that a son of Suresh Oberoi had any making of being a STAR. Second of all, look wise he was not at all a conventional hero with soft features who would make girls go crazy, he was and is a guy with silky hair and broad built. So bascially he was an underdog who came and won the very first fight.

Suddenly everyone was aware of him and son of a well known character artist was a STAR. This was followed by “SAATHIYA”, a romantic offering from Yashraj. Now “Saathiya” has a special place in my heart the reasons are many. I was in my 10th class when it released it was a period where everything appears to be in pink and red and the music by A R Rahman had smitten me, and my sister had narrated me the whole story of Saathiya on our way to Mumbai where we were accompanied by lush green mountains and ghats of lonavla. The movie though a rehash of south looked fresh and real. The initial few scenes between him and Rani were just so cute, judge me if you want to but Saathiya in one of my best romantic movie no matter what So to sum it all up, it was now clear that VIVEK was my HERO.

But with time, his choices of films didn’t match with what he had started of with and what I expected out of him, but still I believed in him and thought that its just matter of one good film. Now more 2 years down the line I was now in my 12th std studying commerce and I still remember the day of the infamous press conference he had held. That day I bunked my tutions and watched that conference in loop and cheered for him and thought that this is what a HERO actually is and now he would be back in his game.I was wrong, I watched “KYUN HO GAYA NA” (a film which I still think if not had made could have saved that conference from happening and all that shit that followed) and was disappointed beyond belief. I was almost upset for 3 days but no one understood that I was really sad for my Hero not doing well.

Afetr that infamous incident, shit hit the roof; A listers avoided him and his choice of films made them more detremined with their belief.In mean time we saw him in forgetable films like KISNA, HOME DELIVERY, PYARE MOHAN and other such duds. With more 2 years down, I was now in my garduation year and then came “SHOOTOUT AT LOKHANDWALA” which I had watched from the very first row of the single screen theater.I was just so happy for him coming back as MAYA, he kicked ass like never before. I cheered, I claped, I whisteld (mostly tried) all throught the movie and came back as a satisfied soul. My faith in him was restored.

Now I was in my CA struggling days (which are still going on), I had a paper in one weeks time and at the same time “PRINCE” released. A solo film of his after a long time was enough for me to put my revision time on stake and go and watch this film first day first show where PRINCE tried to be JASON BOURNE. I was accompined by my 2 friends rather my brothers who too are like me. We were late by 5 minutes; the movie had started so we rushed in and watched him being lost. In interval when the lights went on all I could see were boys with bags on their back and hopes in their eyes of for the film to pick up in second half. The hope was lost and so was mine about my exams. I flunked that exam not because of Prince but maybe like movie my attempt at it was half baked. Six months down the line came another shot at my exam and this time “RAKTH CHARITRA” was on release. But I and my friends thought Prince was a bad charm last time so to change our charm and luck we opted for ‘JHOOTHA HI SAHI” again first day first show (ya that’s what you just read). It was plain boring, waste of time and no charm seemed to have worked after that movie as me and the same 2 friends/brothers were still at dead end in terms of our exam. Next day afetr this a sms beeped on my cell from my buddy which read, “With Rakth Charitra VIVEK will be back once again and so will we. Tomorrow 10.00 am show” and all I replied was, “SEE YOU THERE BROTHERJ”. This time around we were right on mark but the crowd was still the same, guys with bags and hopes. But this was not PRINCE. RGV though not in top form but had managed to come up with pretty decent film. VIVEK was not that outstanding but did a good job as Pratap Ravi and it was way better than Prince. Again came my theory that this is the movie which will change everything now for him.

My luck didn’t changed neither did his. No good projects were announced, it was as if A listers had now totally forgotten him for better, though once in a while he did Omkara, Kurban but it hardly mattered. He always maintained that the conference made him an outcast for big banners. But on twitter Sanjay Gupta right fully said that more than his being outcast his choice of films have been responsible for his position in the industry. I agree with it because Akshay Kumar and Ajaya Devgan have managed to survive here without the JOHARS and CHOPRAS.

Promos of his new film “Kismet Love Paisa Dilli” aptly called as KLPD because that’s what it is. Vivek seems too desprate and filmy in every promo, scene and even in dance sequence that I have seen till yet and don’t worry I wont go First Day First Show this time around because sometimes you know that maybe things won’t change.

I always liked him because of his confidence in him and his work but somewhere down the road it turned into air which went straight into his head or maybe somewhere else. I still believe in him and still think that maybe KRISH 3 will bring him back once again in this game and maybe in due course I too will be back in my own game just like my HERO.

Trailer review & few thoughts : Cocktail

It was just the other day that me and my friend were discussing that how we liked  Saif  in rom coms rather than in Agent Vinod. The reason being he is a natural when it comes to playing a confused guy in a relationship, I know you cant play the same character again n again but look we are in India where every one has its own audience to play out to. So for me Saif is my ROM COM GUY.

So here it is the trailer of “COCKTAIL” staring Saif Ali Khan, Deepika Padukone  and newcomer Diana Penty. Its directed by Homi Adajania and produced by Saif’s company Illuminati Films along with Eros International.



It starts with Saif playing out to his flirty best reciting mediocre lines but with a charm , then the beautiful Diana comes in the frame and you realise that Deepika is going to face some real competition. And then enters Deepika who is out again playing a modern free girl leaving in abroad. SO far so good.

The story looks like just any other Rom Com where the leads are confused between love and friendship. Here in there are two eye candies,one Guy and one apartment, oh gosh this can happen only in movie land where the question is not of survival but of whether to drive a Bently or a Rolls Roys.

The feel is young and urban. Music definitely has a vibe and sounds of Pritam. The story is set in abroad so loads of eye pleasing visuals and white skin. Though sometimes I feel what problems do film makers have in setting up a story in India itself, it’s like whenever there is a concept which may go a line further than set by our cultural norms, the story goes abroad. But instead if set in India the conflict might only get enhanced.

Coming back to Cocktail. It looks like the director is trying to break into a commercial zone with this one who’s last venture was Being Cyrus a English dark story. But its all good till its good to watch and suddenly I saw the writing credit which said Co written by Imtiaz Ali and then suddenly my hopes went up. Maybe  Imtiaz’s story, Homi’s vision and Saif’s conviction will give us a good entertainer this July.

Until then enjoy “Tumhi Ho Bandhu”



(P.S. : Maybe its me but I think Saif should have been a clean shaved with a  Botox face rather then with a beard. And Diana is meant to burn the screen and hearts, and for Deepika  I still think she is limited but looks good on screen and manages well)


Uncha Maza Zoka : Ramabai Ranade’s biopic with heart.

सर्वप्रथम  मी सर्व वाचकांची  आणि पंकज ची माफी मागतो कारण हा ब्लॉग खूप आधीच यायला पाहिजे होता कारण तो विषयच तसा होता “उंच माझा झोका “झी मराठीवरील मालिका . 
एकोणिसाव्या शतकाचा उत्तरार्ध – पारतंत्र्यातला भारत – बालविवाहांची प्रथा – असाच एक बालविवाह पुण्यात झाला. – मुलाने स्वतःच्या बायकोला शिक्षित करण्याचा ध्यास घेतला.  मुलीने  मराठी, इंग्रजी आणि बंगाली या तीनही भाषा आत्मसात केल्या.असा या कथेचा संक्षिप्त उल्लेख .आणि कथा अर्थातच रमाबाई महादेव   रानडे यांची .

कथा हि रमाबाई रानडे यांची आहे -एक थोर समाजसुधारक स्त्री .ज्यांना इतिहासात महत्वाचे स्थान आहे .आणि महादेव गोविंद रानडे म्हणजेच न्यायमूर्ती रानडे “विधवा विवाहाचे पुरस्कर्ते “,थोर समाजसुधारक म्हणून सर्वश्रुतच आहेतच म्हणूनच एक भीती होती कि ह्यांच्यावरही मालिका काढून परत एकदा इतिहास बदलवून टाकायचा (आधी आलेल्या स्वामी व इतर मालिका सोडल्यास सर्व ऐतिहासिक विषयावर आधारित मालिका अतिरंजित करून इतिहासातील व्यक्तींचे चरित्रच बदलवून टाकायचे  चपखल उदाहरण :”श्रीमंत पेशवा बाजीराव ” या मालिकेत बाजीराव चे शौर्य सोडून प्रेमाचे गोडवे आणि अजिंक्य योद्धा दाखवायचा सोडून काल्पनिक दंतकथा प्रेमीच दाखवला होता )त्यामुळेच जरा भीतीच वाटत होती .
पण “उंच माझा झोका “या मालिकेने ती भीती खोटी ठरवली .प्रसंगांची अतिशयोक्ती न करता मालिका मस्त फुलवली आहे त्या.व कथा मांडण्यात मालिका यशस्वी पण झाली आहे यामागचे मुख्य कारण म्हणजे विषयाचा मुळापासूनच अभ्यास. आणि कलाकारांचा अप्रतिम अभिनय …
ऋग्वेदी आणि विरेन यांनी रमा बाई रानडे यांच्या  चारित्र्याचा खोलवर केलेला अभ्यास दिसून येतो ,कुठेही “हे काहीतरीच .असे कुठे होते का त्या काळी ?” हा प्रश्न डोक्यात येत नाही हेच त्यांचे यश .आणि कलाकारांच्या  बाबतीत तर काय म्हणावे ,
शरद पोंक्षे -बाप माणूस ,देवराम पासून नथुराम पर्यंत त्यांनी भूमिका लीलया पेलल्या आहेत .हि भूमिकाही तितकीच उत्तम ,ऋग्वेदी ,कविता लाड ,ताई सासुबाई , नीना कुलकर्णी सगळेच उत्तम ,आणि महादेव रानडेंची भूमिका करणारा विक्रम गायकवाड मस्त च एकदम !आणि शेवटी तेजश्री वालावलकर एवढ्या वयात इतका नैसर्गिक  अभिनय  करणे म्हणजे अशक्यच .पण हे शिवधनुष्य त्या चिमुरडीने लीलया पेलले आहे .
सासू -सुनांची भांडणे दाखवून पैसा मिळवणे हा  मालिकांचा महत्वाचा उद्योग सोडून वेगळा प्रवाह निवडणे हे धाडस झी मराठीने केले आहे खरे  .
रमा बाईंनी “आमच्या आयुष्यातील काही आठवणी “नावाचे अत्माचारीत्र्यही लिहिले आहे ,
 सुधारकी विचारांच्या न्यायमूर्तीनी रमाबाईंना शिकवले .रमा बाईंनी हि पुढे स्त्री- समस्यांवर समाज सुधारणेचे काम केले 
त्यांनी पुण्यात “सरोजिनी सभा “या संस्थेची  स्थापना केली  याच संस्थेची मुलींना शिकवणारी शाळा म्हणजे पुण्यातील अग्रगण्य शाळा “हुजूरपागा “होय .

आपण मालिकांपासून काहीतरी शिकावे असे वाटत असेल तर हि मालिका परिपूर्ण आहे आपल्यासाठी .त्याकाळी स्त्रियांना शिकवणे हि समाजसुधारणा च होती.  पण असे वाटते त्या काळातील  माणसे आपल्यापेक्षा जास्त सुधारलेली होती कारण त्याकाळी शिकवायला स्त्रिया तरी होत्या आजच्या जगातील  माणसे  तर त्याहून त्यांहून दरिद्री मनाचे निघाले आहोत  स्त्री-भ्रुण हत्या  हा लाजीरवाणा प्रकार सर्रास घडत आहे .१००० मुलांमध्ये ९१४ तर कुठे ७७५ मुली हा ‘रेशो’ पुढची पिढी कशी घडवणार.जाउद्या काय बोलणार ….
स्त्री -शिक्षण पासून स्त्री -स्वातंत्र्य यांचा पुरस्कार करणारी हि मालिका  घराघरात पहिली जातीये ,एका महान चारित्र्याचा वेध घेतला जातोय .”उंच माझा झोका “या मालिकेने आपल्या सगळ्यांच्या अपेक्षा वाढवून ठेवल्या आहेत .आणि हे कलाकार आपल्या त्या अपेक्षा नक्की पूर्ण करतील .
आमच्या फुल टू फिल्मी टीम कडून या मालिकेस हार्दिक शुभेच्छा !
                                                                                                        –   ओंकार कुलकर्णी
( P.S. – Onkar Kulkarni is one who take a great pride in his cultural heritage and strives really hard to promote it through his facebook page Rasik Ranjan and also now through the website . I am sure we all are going to hear great things about it in near future. FULL SUPPORT and POWER to RASIK RANJAN and ONKAR.)

BBC Entertainment’s Reality Show about HOME and WORK.

Cable as we call it in our city is the most important part of my existence. And so has been the cablewala ( the service provider). So recently my cablewala had a change of heart and he started relaying the feed of few channels which he for some reason had not done in the past (read PAY CHANNELS). One of such channel was BBC Entertainment.The first thing I noticed about the shows playing on BBC Entertainment was the impeccable Brit accent and at that very point a question came to my mind that  if British had overstayed here would I too had spoke in the very same accent. But then there I saw an advert of BPO accent training institute in the Marathi newspaper and I had found the solution to my question.

Initially it took time for getting adjusted to watching an foreign GEC as until now my television diet was mostly of MTV,  ZEE, STAR , Sony, STAR WORLD  and few american series courtesy few generous souls and something that can’t be named.  So with time I got the general idea of shows being shown and which shows I need to pick up for my diet. 3  shows made the cut out of which 2 are reality show and one is a chat show. The chat show is “The Graham Norton Show”, a regular chat show where celebs drop down to promote their new movie, show, tours etc, but the setting is casual, the talks are more humour based rather than PR based. All in all a breezy affair to watch at the end of the day.

The other two shows which really caught my attention were two reality shows. But this one are way different from what my idea of reality shows are, for me these kind of shows are nothing but projects with less investments and great returns, where talent is often sidelined or hyped out of proportion. But these two are way different from all others I have seen (in my opinion) as their main focus and content is built around HOME and WORK which are the things which runs any man’s life. As what we all need is a place which we can call our home and a workplace where we feel accepted.

First on the list is Extreme Makeover : Home Edition. I am not an engineering kind of guy who idea of entertainment is watching structure being built or destroyed. For me entertainment is all about emotions. And this is what the show concentrates on. The main concept of show is that in each episode a team of builders, Interior Designers, Carpenters, Interior Decorators with help of the local community helps a given family who is going through some ongoing  hardship like illness or natural calamity which has taken toll on their house and made it somewhat impossible to live in it, but they still continue as thy have no other option. They send the family on an all paid vacation of one week and in this time the team completes the makeover of their home. But the show is not about how they build the house or give a makeover to it. Its about how these families have been going through the hardship together as a family and how this help will make them live a life they dreamt of  in their time of  misfortune. The show has made me cry EVERY SINGLE TIME and made me realised that how fortunate I am. The designers personally talk to each member of the family and try to understand them as a person, their intrest and aspirations and then they design the house as per their requirement. Towards the end when the families are  shown the new place, the look on their face is truly priceless and shows us all how much our home mean to us.

Second on the list is Undercover Boss ( U.S.A. ). The  show revolves around the boss at the top (C.E.O in most of the cases) going undercover in his own organisation at entry level to have a better understanding of the work and employees. While working as an Intern sometimes when the things were bit tough to handle I always wished that someday my senior official should come at my level and see how things are because sitting in a air conditioned office and giving instruction on phone is easy than being at an remote location under a tin roof and having a company of the only 2 humans in 10 km radius is tough. This show is where my prayers are being answered. The Top Boss is sent undercover with camera filming him while he is at work, employees are giving a false story to justify the presence of cameras around. He works on different work sites under different employees and it is where the show gets interesting. The undercover is someone who is use to certain facilities and has a notion about the work being done in his organisation but when he is at the very root of this place he truly understands how it actual works. Like in one episode the head of Business Development of Subway Restaurant had to work under an spunky 19 year old girl and as he confessed later on to her and camera that she was one of the boss who really scared him. This coming from a guy who has seen it all makes the show real. The boss also tries to understand the employees on personal level as in about their families, their daily struggle and what makes them work here and the motivation behind it. Eventually when the identity of Boss is revealed to employees they literately go into a moment of denial, eventually the undercover Boss speaks to each of the one under whom he worked in the duration of the show. He shares his experience and thoughts with them and gifts them mostly donation for helping them to live more independently.

This shows prove that reality show does not mean abusing, skin show, plotting, elimination, danger zone and judge’s opinions. For a change it also means affecting somebody’s life for BETTER.

(P.S. : It would be fun to have an season of UNDERCOVER BOSS in India. Endemol India hope you are listening.)

Naye Trailer naye Hero


With time all the big stars are now working on one project at a time, which has created a room for others to come up with there films and stories. So here are trailers of two upcoming “small/modest budget” films which have the potential of being a success story.

1) VICKY DONOR – Lakhon mein Ek.


This is John Abraham’s maiden film as an producer along with Eros. The film is directed by Shoojit Sircar who has earlier directed “Yahaan” and stars television actor/VJ/Host/part singer Ayushman Khurana and Yami Gautam and Anu Kapoor. The film is bascially a love story of a punjabi boy and bengali girl against the backdrop of Sperm Donation.This is for the first time in Hindi Film Industry that sperm donation has form a background for a love story which makes this its USP. Hollywood has already done its fair share in this genre, so it would be interesting to see how the audiences react to this film.

Ayushman Khurana I suppose is all set to shine with this part as he looks charming and fresh plus the Punjabi factor might also work in his favour and his female lead Yami Gautam too looks pleasant to eyes and Anu Kapoor seems to be in a fine form as an infertility Doctor . So lets hope that this lakhon main ek hits the right spot and others get flushed out.


2) Bitoo Boss –  V.D.O. Shooter


This one also stars an television actor Pulkit Samrat in the lead role of  Bittoo, a wedding videographer paired against Amita Pathak. The film is set in the Northern India with weddings as the integral part of the whole story. The film is produced by Abhishek Pathak who recently has Pyaar Ka Punchnama to his credit and is directed by Supavitra Babul.

The lead Pulkit was first seen in Kyunki Saans Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi as a Virani and did a fair job as an television actor but here I think its all together a different Pulkit that’s been presented. He looks confident and most importantly looks the part he is playing. The producers being fresh from a hit movie now know exactly how to go ahead with the promotions and if everything goes well we might too again root for another Bittoo this year.

Here is making of the title song sung By Mika paji and music done by Raghav Sachar. Hope the song gets the clearance from censor board.



( P.S. : I think its only Punjabi people  who have been accepted by the mainstream Hindi Film Industry for being played without being made into a stereotype or a caricature. For others there is Ra.One for your reference with Maggi and curd up yours from bollywood.)